How Simpmenu Works

We didn’t reinvent the wheel, we just made it simpler. Simpmenu’s totally familiar, but a completely unique approach to managing your menus online. This allows us to serve a variety of businesses like food trucks, event venues, clothing stores & more.

No web developer, website, or app install of your own needed.

Start with your locations

Simpmenu allows you to manage multiple locations while easily sharing and configuring your menus. Before you're able to create any menus, we need a location to connect them to.

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Location Pages

When you create a new location, Simpmenu instantly generates a landing page and a QR code for that location.

No complex page builder, or extra steps. You're good to go in seconds.

When customers visit your location, they simply scan the location's QR code which directs the end-user to the location's unique landing page listing all of its available menus.

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Creating Menus

When creating menus, you can choose to upload a pdf version of your menu or craft a new one through our menu builder. Create as many as you like, there’s no limit.

Share them across locations, allowing updates to one to effect many.

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Available menus by Location

When customers scan a location’s QR code, they can navigate and view assigned menus & items.

Updates to menus reflect immediately. Simpmenu grants you the flexibility and ease of use to manage your menus at scale.

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PDF Menus to Flipbook

When uploading menus in a PDF format, Simpmenu instantly converts them to a flipbook design. Your customers can now navigate your menus with ease, with a sprinkle of a stylish touch as well.

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Management Made Easy

The admin dashboard allows you to quickly manage and access settings for both locations and menus.

Easily export QR graphics, edit a location or menu, and access all of your account settings in one spot.

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FAQ - Common Account Questions

  • Is there a limit on how many locations and menus you can add?

    There's currently no limit to the amount of locations or menus you add to your account.

  • How does the "60-Day Money Back Guarantee" work?

    Our money back guarantee is our extra bonus to our free trial. We wanted to ensure we gave businesses the security while offering an extended trial.

    The guarantee is exactly how it sounds. If for any reason you want to cancel and refund your account. Contact our support and we'll refund you in full no questions asked.

    You can learn more by reading our official Money Back Guarantee policy.

  • When my customers scan a location's QR code, does it force them to download or install anything?

    No, Simpmenu specifically takes a vistor to a location's landing page, when it's QR code is scanned.

    We don't prompt users to visit a application store, or redirect them to any page that would slow them down from reviewing your menus and making their selection.

Simplified Billing

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We lack the long-term committment and confusing contracts to provide a tool that's simple, reliable, and affordable. Try it free for 7 days, plus we have a no risk 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

What’s included
  • Unlimited Location Support
  • Unlimited Menus
  • QR Enabled
  • PDF Support

60-Day Money Back Guarantee