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Combat COVID-19 with contactless menus, allowing your customers to view items, announcements, + more directly from their phone. Sign up today and be contactless in minutes.


Managing your menus shouldn’t feel like a chore, it shouldn’t be unnecessarily complex, and it shouldn’t break the bank. Simpmenu lacks the long-term committment, confusing contracts, and bombardment of features. We allow you to focus on what really matters, running your business.

During these challenging times, we understand that folks just need a tool that's simple, reliable, and affordable.

Simpmenu is exactly what we proclaim – simple. We allow you to focus on what really matters, running your business. Our tool is useful, consistent, and stable enough to become as natural and familiar to your business and your customers as paper.


We help your menus become safer to use, COVID compliant, and easy to update.

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